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Since it was founded in 2014, Woody Cape Wildlife has excelled in the production of premium buffalo and other wildlife species. At the core of our business is a commitment to integrity, quality and consistency. This shapes our exceptional breeding programs and is reaffirmed every day by our experienced team of professionals.


Our work relies on scientific research to maintain the premium bloodlines of our animals. Sourcing from only the best genetics, we carefully pair our breeding bulls with the best possible female stock. Through ethical, sustainable breeding practices and advanced management, we maintain the quality of our herds, producing strong, resilient and adaptable wildlife. Our track record of excellent quality wildlife is a testament to the dedication and skill of our team, under the leadership of CEO Warrick Barnard, and our strict breeding practices.


Based within the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Woody Cape Wildlife spans over 2500ha,  comprising diverse vegetation types. The reserve operates in isolation for the strictest biosecurity management, providing disease protection to the herds and giving complete confidence to our clients.


Woody Cape Wildlife specialises in buffalo breeding, as well as Nyala, Sable, Black Impala and White Flanked Impala. Prospective buyers can look forward to our annual buffalo auction or contact us directly about private sales.


With its genetics focus, attention to detail and scientific approach, Woody Cape Wildlife has gained unprecedented success as one of the leading buffalo breeders in the wildlife industry.


About Woody Cape Wildlife



Woody Cape Wildlife was founded in 2014, intent on becoming the leading buffalo breeder in South Africa. Over the years, this vision has come to life. With a focus on genetics and scientific research, the company has exceeded all expectations, producing the most sought-after animals in the wildlife industry.


Woody Cape Wildlife set out to breed, and return to the wild, genetically superior wildlife, wiped out by decades of urbanisation and agricultural development. Extensive research to secure the absolute best genetics ensued, and the first property, Glenfillan, was acquired in

the Eastern Cape. Today, Woody Cape Wildlife spans over 2500 hectares.


Since it began, the organisation has put every effort into ensuring its top quality breeding programmes are maintained year after year. Particular focus is placed on acquiring the best genetics available to the market to combine with Woody Cape Wildlife's bloodlines.

This guarantees that the finest quality buffalo and other wildlife are produced consistently.


At its helm is CEO Warrick Barnard, with two decades of experience in wildlife and conservation. Under his leadership is a team of highly committed professionals. Together

they uphold the high standards and integrity for which Woody Cape Wildlife is renowned.



Woody Cape Wildlife is synonymous with excellence in the South African buffalo and wildlife industry. We breed strong, disease-free, resilient buffalo and other wildlife of the highest quality and greatest consistency. Over the years, Woody Cape Wildlife has earned its reputation as the preferred supplier of quality buffalo breeding stock in South Africa:



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I have known and been in business dealings with Woody Cape Wildlife for more than a decade. Remaining mindful and committed to their final objective, they purchased only the very best genetics that the market had to offer, As a result of this, Wood Cape Wildlife is without doubt one of the leaders in the production of superior and sought after genetics in South Africa.

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Woody Cape Wildlife has been a great supporter of the Morton Family and of Tembani Wildlife over a number of years. Warrick and his team have consistently selected our best genetics out of our annual sales offering and have used them to add to their already impressive herds of wildlife. Woody Cape Wildlife is

a dedicated game breeder with a long term vision for the industry. This team operates with integrity and it is a pleasure to be associated with them.

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I have acquired numerous top quality animals from Woody Cape Wildlife over the past seven years. Warrick is a pleasure to do business with and can be commended on his professional approach and attention to detail. Woody Cape Wildlife genetics are certainly special and have played an integral role

in my wildlife breeding programs.





Since the inception of our buffalo breeding programme, we have specialised in breeding exceptional quality buffalo. This is at the heart of our work and defines our long-term breeding strategy. Our focus has always been on the use of East African and Addo bloodlines. We take great care in assessing genetic composition before the acquisition of any new breeding animals. Our research-based practice ensures that we maintain the premium bloodlines of our animals.


Our commitment to quality means selecting our prospective animals goes beyond an assessment of pedigree alone. We choose the very best female stock to complement our breeding bulls. Attention to this kind of detail underpins our buffalo breeding. This extends to all wildlife breeding at Woody Cape Wildlife, including Nyala, Sable, Black Impala and White Flanked Impala.


Our wildlife feeds on our natural veld with limited mineral supplementation, ensuring the animals are well-nourished. We closely monitor the development of our buffalo, analysing growth trends so that we continue to produce the country’s best buffalo.


We have four active buffalo breeding herds, the Sidima (53 5/8”+) herd, the Zeus (51 1/8”+) herd, the Umfula (50”+) herd, and the very exciting Dominus herd.





Select one of the images below for more information on our renowned breeding buffalo bulls.


Select one of the images below for more information on our renowned buffalo breeding bulls.

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Click below for more information on our

renowned buffalo herds.

Wildlife Breeding at Woody Cape Wildlife

The exceptional breeding practices we use to guarantee the quality of our buffalo are upheld in our other wildlife breeding programmes.


In addition to buffalo, we focus on three other species at Woody Cape Wildlife: Nyala, Sable, and Impala, including both Black Impala and White Flanked Impala.


Through careful selection, we maintain consistent production in our herds. Our dedication to genetic diversity and scientific research has earned us our reputation as breeders of superior quality animals and pioneers in the wildlife industry.


Wildlife Auctions

Every year we look forward to bringing the finest buffalo and wildlife to the market at our annual auction. The auction is one of the main events of the annual Bathurst Agricultural Show, offering the very best genetics to all sectors of the wildlife industry.

Our next auction takes place on 1 April 2023 at 12h30 at the Bathurst Agricultural Showgrounds

in Bathurst, Eastern Cape.

Auction Countdown:


Our auction is held in proud association with Brandon Leer Auctioneers, Hobson & Co. and Wildswinkel.

We are committed to providing distinguished wildlife through our annual Woody Cape Wildlife auction.

The auction will be held as a live event and will be broadcast virtually to allow for online bidding.

We are committed to providing distinguished wildlife through our annual Woody Cape Wildlife auction.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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