Welcome to Woody Cape Wildlife

Founded in 2014, Woody Cape Wildlife aims to be recognized as the forerunner in producing the next era of quality buffalo and general wildlife breeding.  Through its continued accumulation of the country’s top genetics, scientific research, advanced management and integrity, Woody Cape Wildlife offers the finest genetics and quality of wildlife.

Based on five properties within the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Woody Cape Wildlife spans over 3000ha, every farm comprising diverse vegetation types. Each property operates in isolation for the strictest biosecurity management, providing disease protection to the herds and giving full confidence to our clients.

Under the leadership of the CEO, Warrick Barnard, who holds some 20 years’ experience within the wildlife & conservation fields, the team at Woody Cape Wildlife are fully committed to the professional management of the properties and the wildlife they are home too.

With its genetics focus, attention to detail and scientific approach, Woody Cape Wildlife has gained unprecedented success with its breeding programs and continues to produce the most sought-after animals within the wildlife industry.

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