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Previous Buffalo Auctions

Woody Cape Wildlife has proudly sold animals of exceptional quality since 2016. Our annual auction is

a highlight for the industry and has showcased some

of the very best wildlife genetics available since its inception. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding animals to other stud breeders. Over the years, our buyers have included Piet du Toit Wildbedryf, Tembani Wildlife, Nyumbu Wildlife, Kwandwe Wildlife, Crown Game Breeders, Tamboti Floodplains, Tam Game Breeders,  Ukujabula, New Wycombe and many more. Our auction offerings are of the country’s very best genetics and continue to attract the attention of the wildlife market.

Auction 2022

Buffalo bull “Sidima” sold to James Thompson of Rockdale Game Ranches for R4 000 000 

1. Sidima Main Image.jpg

Auction 2021

Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from hosting a live auction


Auction 2020

Young buffalo bull “Kenzo” sold to Kashula Game Breeders for

R1 000 000 (pvt)

2020 Auction.jpg

Auction 2019

Buffalo cow “Samara” sold to New Wycombe Game Breeders for R2 050 000

2019 Auction.JPG

Auction 2018

Buffalo cow “Khanyiswa” sold to Norman Adami for R4 500 000

2018 Auction.JPG

Auction 2017

Buffalo cow “Majesty” sold to Piet DuToit Wildbedryf for R6 400 000

Buffalo cow “Fezile” sold to Tembani Wildlife for R4 000 000

2017 Auction.jpg

Auction 2016

Buffalo cow and calf (sired by our breeding bull “GNU”) sold to Tamboti Floodplains for R7 000 000

Buffalo heifer (sired by our breeding bull “GNU”) sold to Nyumbu Wildlife for R3 500 000

2016 Auction.JPG
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