Buffalo Breeding

Since the inception of our Buffalo breeding program, we have specialized in the East African and Addo bloodlines only. Research is conducted and careful consideration is given with any new acquisition for the breeding herds. Genetic composition and phenotypical characteristics are evaluated in great detail and each animal must play a part of our long-term breeding strategy. We strive to breed parasite resilient buffalo that excel both in Rowland Ward and SCI scoring.

Selection of prospective cows and heifers are not solely selected on their pedigree but are also carefully assessed to be complimentary to the allocated breeding bull. Physical characteristics such as a femininity, horn length, horn shape, fertility, social behaviour, body shape and body size are all considered.

We strive to achieve a 12-month inter-calving period with all cows at Woody Cape Wildlife. Fertility strength is a direct reflection of the right nutrition and professional management. By providing a balanced diet through the natural veld as well as mineral supplementation we maintain high productivity and well-nourished animals.

Of equal importance is the monitoring and analysing of our current and prospective young bulls. The horn shape, horn volume, horn width, genetic makeup, body size and good RW and SCI scores are of utmost importance.

Woody Cape Wildlife comprises four active breeding herds, the Gnu (48 1/8”) herd, the Sidima (51 4/8” at 6 Years) Herd, the Lunga (45 ½” at 5 ½ years) herd and the Laduma (Bayeto son) herd. A number of bull camps are used to grow out young bulls before using them as breeding bulls or sharing to the industry.